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Although the saying goes "Neither of Venus nor of Mars, neither marries nor departs," today midweek weddings are often considered a good choice for newlyweds because they bring a number of advantages and allow for a successful wedding anyway. there a better day for it? And how is it possible to make it unforgettable? Below you will find the answers to your questions! 

The advantages of a midweek wedding

First of all, it is cheaper: renting a venue for a reception on a Tuesday, for example, costs less than on a Sunday, since the hourly rate will not have the holiday surcharge. You are also more likely to get bids. 

It will be easier to find a location: during the week there are bound to be fewer bookings for larger events than on the weekend. You might even be able to book that wonderful resort in the Tuscan hills you've been dreaming about for a long time! 

Even the wedding date will be more likely to be found on a Wednesday or Thursday than on a Saturday or Sunday. Civil registrars like religious officials will certainly have more availability during the week. It has become almost customary to no longer marry on Sunday mornings in church, for reasons of religious rest. 

Originality and trendiness: with midweek weddings becoming increasingly common, couples who opt for this choice can set themselves apart from traditional events. By choosing a different day of the week for their wedding, they can create a unique and unforgettable experience for themselves and their guests.

Possibility of long weekends: if the midweek wedding date falls near a holiday, guests may have the option of enjoying a long weekend by combining the wedding with days off, making the event even more attractive.

A final benefit, perhaps a bit unexpected, is the low risk of guests declining the invitation. We wouldn't expect it, but apparently a wedding on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, for example, is well received: it can be a nice way to break up the work week and catch up on some relaxation and vitality by sharing the joy of two friends getting married! 

Tips for a successful midweek wedding! 

  1. Choose a strategic date: When choosing a date for a midweek wedding, consider days that may be more convenient for guests, such as Wednesdays or Thursdays. Avoid dates too close to holidays or bridges, as they may make it difficult for some guests to attend.
  2. Communicate in advance: Inform guests of the wedding date as early as possible. Clearly communicate the information through invitations, e-mail or other means of communication. Include directions on how to get to the venue and, if possible, offer suggestions for accommodations.
  3. Plan the timing: Since midweek weddings take place during workdays, be sure to start the ceremony and reception at times that allow guests to comfortably attend, perhaps after business hours to allow everyone to arrive on time.
  4. Take advantage of the benefits of intimacy: A midweek wedding is often more intimate with a smaller number of guests. Take advantage of this cozy atmosphere to create a more personalized and interactive experience for everyone.
  5. Offer transportation options: Consider providing transportation for guests, especially if the location is remote or difficult to reach by public transportation. This will help make the trip smoother for everyone.
  6. Create an engaging program: Make sure the wedding program is engaging and balanced. Reserve time for the ceremony, reception, food, dancing, and other activities that entertain guests.
  7. Consider the practical details: Some guests may have to take a day off work to attend the wedding; try to arrange it in a way that makes it worthwhile for them. For example, you could organize a brunch the day after the wedding to allow everyone to spend more time together and relax.
  8. Special welcome for guests: Since your guests have made an extra effort to attend a midweek wedding, be sure to welcome them warmly and make them feel how special they are to you.
  9. Be flexible and patient: Because midweek weddings can present some logistical challenges for guests, be understanding and flexible with their plans and needs.
  10. Take the opportunity to be creative: Since you are opting for an unconventional wedding, take the opportunity to be creative and add unique details that stand out from traditional events.

Remember that with careful planning and clear communication, a midweek wedding can be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. The important thing is to focus on loved ones and the joy of celebrating your love on a special day, regardless of the day of the week.

Which day to choose? 

The right day for your midweek wedding exists, you just have to choose it, taking into account their symbolism and characteristics. You can feel on you what is the most suitable day.  

The Monday, dedicated to the Moon, is a suitable day for everything related to family, home, nutrition, and growth. Propitious, said to bring good health, it seems to be a good day to get married. 

The Tuesday, the day of Mars, god of war, is an ideal day to have courage, strength and initiative. Because getting married is quite a challenge!

The Wednesday, dedicated to Mercury, the planet that governs the  communication, is equally auspicious as it supports all rituals that require transformation. And marriage is one of the most important ones! 

The Thursday, associated with Jupiter, is a day when abundance and wealth are sustained, so also good for getting married to your loved one! 

The Friday, the day of Venus, goddess of beauty, is another beautiful day when the magics of love are propitious.

Ultimately, the midweek wedding offers a number of advantages and opportunities for couples seeking a unique and tailored experience for their big day. However, it is critical to consider the needs of guests and clearly communicate the date chosen so that they can properly plan to attend this special wedding event. 

Rely on a good photographer who can advise you well, be sure of the location you choose and bring your best smiles with you. Only then will you have the midweek wedding of your dreams! 

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