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Pre-wedding photo and video service in Grosseto

X0A6235 Premarital

If until a few years ago it was considered as something superfluous, today more and more couples are inclined to do create a pre-wedding photo and video service

It is one way altogether informal and fun, where the future spouses let themselves be immortalized in a location chosen in concert with the photographer, adopting natural and relaxed poses. 

The premarital video it's a nice way to tell the moments that precede the big day, and can also be enriched by the presence of friends and relatives, who can throw memories or joking anecdotes about the couple, so that they can also be projected at the wedding reception, or privately when preferred.

For create a pre-wedding photo shoot really valid, it is important to rely on those who make this a real profession. 

When I make one couple shooting I aim to bring out the naturalness and feelings that characterize the future married couple.

Looks, gestures, smiles, nothing is left to chance, with the choice of location that can be agreed with me and that can also represent a place particularly dear to the couple.

X0A6582 PremaritalAnnex'inside of premarital videomoreover, it is possible to reconstruct the couple's story, even starting from memories of their childhood, up to the first moments shared together, passing through the days preceding the wedding, all accompanied by memories or messages left by relatives and friends.

If you don't know who to turn to, you will find in me a reliable professional and with years of experience also in the realization of photographic services for weddings, but also ceremonies how baptisms, communions, confirmations And eighteenth.

For your pre-wedding photo and video service in Grosseto contact me without delay!

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