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The drift of illusions

Life, which here is represented by the different ages and by the two genders, in its ultimate understanding, is a departure, a departure from all that we believe it to be. After all, life is an illusion because it transcends every single meaning we attribute to it. In the sense that it does not exist as an objective reality, but only in perspective. Depending on the mental vision of the beholder, it changes. And that is why it is illusory. In the understanding that in the end everything is illusory as in a dream, there is serenity, peace. Drift and illusion in an absolutely positive and desirable meaning.

the drift of illusions The drift of illusions

Concept and Project: Giuseppe Zanoni | Fashion designer / Stylist: Yves couture by Giada Ghini | Models: Giulia Bistazzoni, Liam Atzori, Marco Buemi, Lorenzo Buemi, Roberto Scotto, Amerigo Ballini

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