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Professional photo shoot for Maternity in Grosseto

A maternity photo shoot is first of all an experience to live and a gift for your child, it is the greatest gift you can give him to convey this wonderful moment of life.

The pregnancy photo take place outdoors or in the studio. They are two very different types of service, nature gives a sense of belonging to the place where we live and contextualizes the subject making it an integral part of life, the backgrounds are very varied and the natural light of the sunset is an example of enchanting lighting.

The maternity photo in the studio they offer the possibility of having very neutral backdrops to further enhance the shapes of the body and to control and manage the light with many variations, even creative ones.

The best time to make the pregnancy photo shoot it is certainly when the belly is very visible, but this does not necessarily have to be at the end of gestation, the best thing is to take advantage when the body is still strong and decide together with me, Giuseppe Zanoni, the right time.

My job, in addition to taking the photographs, is to organize the service with you and plan all the details. It is my concern that on the day of the shot you are ready for this event, so I choose the right outfit with you, giving you indications and suggestions, on the type of color or on the most suitable clothing also based on the chosen location.

I spend a lot of time thinking about ideas to develop so that the maternity photo shoot reflect your personality and that it may be different each time from those previously realized.

Many mothers confided to me after maternity that they would like to have them pregnancy photo but who have not been able to achieve them out of laziness or an excess of shyness. There is nothing wrong with that, but motherhood is a unique event, don't let it pass without having your photo shoot done, you may have some regrets later.

In addition to this photo shoot, I can also make for pre-wedding professional photographic portraits, newborn and with children!

Make yours maternity photo and pass on to your child a tangible, indelible and exclusive memory, contact me and we will build the project of your service together!

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