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Tomorrow in the battle think of me

The conflicts on planet Earth are generated by the contrast of the entities "goodness" and "evil". The presumption of human beings, our illusion of having some privileged position in the universe has generated the concepts of good and evil. Good and evil, a single entity, united in a single destiny, that of existing on this planet.

Deserting Reality - Celeste Award 2015 - November 14/22 - Spazio Ex Bazzi - Milan

Two children hold hands absorbed in a disturbing and metaphysical rigidity. They are from behind and observe a desert world, a desertified reality, whose nature inevitably incorporates the ruins of a military fortress. The children liturgically wear the same clothes, which have a texture of black signs printed on the candid white fabric. Signs deliberately and crudely didactic, because the great story, which always reveals itself in great cycles of tragedy and decadence, is basically easy to understand: like Richard III, the two children are left alone in the world they hate, and hold hands . But the most suitable reference for this series of works, also emblematically suggested by the title, is not so much Shakespeare as the extraordinary novel of the same name by the Spanish writer Javier Marías: a man goes through a series of incredible events which, highlighting deceptions, fictions and ambiguities of the characters, reveals the tragic and ironic dimension of contemporary daily life, in all its aspects, even the smallest, most intimate and private ones. Ideologies are dead, but their ghosts - like children in liturgical robes encrusted with crosses and swastikas - are more alive than us, our selfishness and our inability to live together in a world ravaged by technology.

Concept and Project: Giuseppe Zanoni | Thanks to: Dresses: Irene Silvestri / White Mouths | Model: Vittorio Coli | Model: Michelangelo Gabrielli and Matteo Maggio, Andrea Scotto, Andrea Spagnoli.

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