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Site specific project that takes place in two phases. One in which the red cotton thread (3.80 m) is suspended between the interior space and the sky outside the window. The other in which the three windows of the first room of the house are obscured by a black PVC sheet. The cloth is perforated at the top and the sunlight filters through the holes, highlighting the atmospheric dust. This process is then documented in a video accessible from a computer screen in the great hall near the red wire.

The work represents the path of the earth's atmospheric fluid as it passes through a living space. The path is represented by a red thread that is suspended outside a window and which, crossing the external / internal boundary represented by the open window, marks this passage. I refer to the air or to what is contained in the space that we perceive as empty, as a fluid to convey the idea of a substance in which, as in water, we are immersed. This substance, of which the apparent emptiness is composed, is actually full of contents that are highlighted in it through this project. Every smell, sound, particle floats and travels more or less short and more or less visible distances. My intervention aims to make visible, in the sense of bringing to consciousness, such otherwise invisible contents.

in out 1 In / Out
in out 2 In / Out

Site specific installation_red cotton thread, pvc, nylon thread, dvd, lcd screen, interior living space, sky, sun. 2011

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