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Timeline is a representation of time.

The instant, the only reality of time Time, a reality enclosed in an instant and suspended between two nothing (Roupnel). Space, the only reality of matter. Matter, a reality enclosed in a space and suspended between two nothing. Space and time, instant and matter, the origins of our universe. Two lines represent the past and the present / future. The lines are formed by moments represented by glass sculptures in the shape of drops of water falling on a spatial plane. The lines have different symphonic rhythms. A short rhythm that is extinguished and that represents an individual being who leaves us and who makes silence remain. A longer rhythm which continues and which represents all living beings and which resonates indefinitely.

Site specific installation_18 glass elements, total room dimensions.

Eighteen drop-shaped sculptures positioned at regular intervals on two distinct lines with an oblique direction, one of which is greater than the other

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