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Welcome to my page for real estate photo and video services!

If you are looking for a real estate photographer or a photographer for real estate agencies, you are in the right place. I'm Giuseppe Zanoni, a photographer specialized in creating professional photo and video services for real estate agencies.

What makes a property attractive to potential buyers?

Real estate photography, or interior photography, is all about showing properties in their best light. Each property has particular characteristics that must be enhanced, made inviting and attractive.

Photography and video are very important tools for real estate marketing. More and more real estate agencies are turning to a professional to carry out real estate photo and video services because they have understood that there is a big difference between producing services yourself or turning to a professional.

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For those who are preparing to film a property with a mobile phone and without adequate experience there are difficulties, here are some of the problems that arise during filming:

  • the annoying falling lines produced by wide-angle lenses; this is an unsightly effect that causes vertical lines to converge towards an angle and creates a spatial distortion in the photograph
  • cramped rooms from which to shoot; many environments are very confined spaces and it can be very difficult to take pictures
  • the countless types of LEDs (cold, warm or natural tone) that are in homes today; these lamps create a mix of color casts that is very annoying in reading the photo, it is necessary to correct it with post-production
  • environments where there is no light; sometimes it is necessary to shoot in dark environments or with very little light, in these cases the mobile phone sensor produces photographs with a lot of noise (noise produced by the sensor) and the quality of the images is very bad
  • To show the sea view or a landscape from a window it is necessary to balance the internal light with the external one because there is a lot of difference in lighting between the two areas. In these cases there are particular shooting techniques with the addition of supplementary light points that allow you to solve the problem

Sometimes we faint to buy the latest iPhone thinking that it can solve all the problems behind an interior photography by itself but it doesn't. Technology is certainly important but it is not enough, to create a sense of atmosphere and style and solve all shooting problems it is necessary to have a lot of shooting experience and spend many hours on the post-production of the images.

I understand how important it is for real estate agents and homeowners to communicate effectively and I am available to work with you on a flexible schedule to ensure your real estate photography project is completed to the highest standard, within a reasonable timescale and with the right cost.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Photographer or Interior Photographer I am here to help. My services include real estate photography and video also with the use of the drone. Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you showcase your property in its best light!

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