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I linked the Venice Biennale

Almost circular interstellar journey around a geocentric system (I linked the Venice Biennale) - Performance

Closed place philosophy.

779 meters of red wool thread close a space.

The human mind is not suited to conceiving a space without limits and in delimiting it it attributes a subjective form to it. Even the space that defines itself as objective, that of physicists and mathematicians, is but a space of the ego, the immanent space of the unconscious that includes individual orientations and notions of a general system of culture.

Borders are just imaginary lines. And the imaginary lines provide protection and identity. They serve to separate places from non-places. The boundary mark indicates that someone has occupied a space and has rights to it. Are we in or out of the border? Does the spacecraft orbiting on the red wire include or exclude? Is the red line border or frontier? Limit or possibility?

779 meters of red wool thread close the Biennale Gardens.

If the red line is the border then admire thehortus conclusus.

Inside, the delights of a garden cared for by the monks of art. You can admire Mary's virginity, but don't touch and profane it. You can look into the source that symbolizes the source of knowledge, but you cannot draw on its water. You are spectators, paying, on the spacecraft.

If the red line is a frontier you can hope to be the next land of conquest. You will be unstable and fickle, you will never be the center and always the periphery, you will be part of the expanding cosmos.

You will be a frontier.

In front of.

In front of the whole world outside the Biennale Gardens.

Gardens of the Venice Biennale, Wednesday 12 October 2011

Performance_red wool yarn, paper

Seven hundred and seventy-nine meters of red wool yarn was positioned along the perimeter of the Biennale Gardens marking the boundary around the entire exhibition area of the National Pavilions present in the historic site of the Venice Biennale. Every hundred meters a rolled sheet of paper containing this text was tied around the red thread.

“The work represents the journey of a spaceship around a geocentric system. A spacecraft has been relegated to the outside of a geocentric space system and will have to travel for eternity. The trajectory of the journey is represented by the red woolen thread which, starting from a point in space, begins the journey through various celestial bodies that orbit outside the system; the trajectory undergoes different inclinations and changes of course based on the stops of the spacecraft during the journey to explore the unknown worlds that gravitate outside the system. The spacecraft will continue its journey indefinitely as long as it has available fuel, eventually it will be sucked into the orbit of the nearest celestial body and disintegrate in contact with the atmosphere. "

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