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Professional wedding photo shoot in Grosseto and Tuscany

wedding 22 Wedding Tuscany wedding photographer Tuscany wedding photographerMy name is Giuseppe Zanoni and I work like wedding photographer in Tuscany for more than 30 years.

My experience as a wedding photographer began in the 90s. 

In that period it was used a lot to pose the bride and groom, the style was mostly classic and the use of film did not allow many creative freedoms.

Working as a photojournalist for newspapers I began to change my way of shooting in weddings, the experience of the photojournalist allowed me to realize wedding photographs with reportage techniques, an absolute novelty for the period.

Today all wedding photographers they try to shoot with the reportage technique and I am happy that this style has become the main protagonist of the wedding shots. 


wedding zanoni Wedding Tuscany wedding photographer Tuscany wedding photographerIt is useless to deny that I have a great advantage in this situation because I have considerable experience in the field, and this particular professional characteristic of mine has allowed me to become a appreciated wedding photographer throughout Italy.

The work of the wedding photographer in Tuscany it is very complex, it has to dictate the times of the day because everything has to happen in synchrony, besides that it has to give the couple fantastic images of their wedding day.

For this he must have a lot of experience, it is easy for an unforeseen event to happen and when it happens he must solve the problem very quickly. And he can't afford to take photos wrong.

The beauty of working as a wedding photographer

I have to say that I don't mind being in a stressful situation like that of marriage. It is a stimulating and creative condition at the same time and then it is nice to live them most intense moments of the wedding day with the vibrant emotions it manages to give. The happy and tearful looks of joy, the hugs, the children running around in the houses, the excitement of arriving at the church, the first glance of the spouses together again after a few days lived separately. 

And then again, the music that frames the ceremony, the moment of the exchange of the rings, the exit from the church with all the friends and then off, the beginning of the party.

Spring spontaneous photos of these moments, in addition to make engaging wedding videos, allows you to capture moments that make the most of the authentic atmosphere of the day is a great gratification for me, they make me feel part of your day. And when I see in your eyes the emotion for the first viewing of the images and then again, you experience a new emotion while looking at the photos printed on thealbum, this is a wonderful feeling for me. It means that I really managed to give you the most beautiful photos you could have imagined, yours wedding photo shoot that will accompany you throughout your life.

If you want me to be the photographer for your wedding day in Tuscany (in Grosseto, Siena), contact me! I will be happy to answer all your requests for information.

Upon request, I am also operational in the area of Orvieto!

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