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Photographer and artist in Tuscany

"C.'was once a child who loved there'art, admired the paintings of famous artists and drew their own dreams. He drew everything: trees, skies, houses, snowy and spring landscapes, animals and humans. One day the child was intent on drawing the sea when a tourist approached him, she liked the drawing so much that she asked if she could buy it. The child stayed a while' perplexed by the request, he thought about it for a while and then gave her the drawing as a gift. 

L'year later the lady returned and met the child again; he had with him a brand new camera, a Pentax SLR with a 50mm lens which he gave to the child and told him: "If you like drawing so much try taking pictures too! " . The boy came home with eyes shining with emotion and showed the camera to his parents. For a few years he looked at the camera without using it, then one day he went to the beach where he usually drew, loaded the camera with a black and white film and took his first photo.. "

J1A1439 Edit 2 About meMy name is Giuseppe Zanoni and I'm a professional photographer for more than 30 years. 

The story you read above is clearly autobiographical and tells of my encounter with the camera, the moment my life changed. 

From that moment my attraction for photography became more and more and over time I began to want to work as a photographer. My professional career began in the 90s in Florence, in that period I found a job as an assistant Massimo Sestini, owner of the homonymous photojournalism agency.

Massimo, in 2015, will win the World Press Photo, the biggest award for a photojournalist. The years with Massimo have been exciting, an incredible vortex of experiences that will shape me forever.

Gustav Klimt Judith II About meAfter the period in the agency I feel that it is time to start my personal journey and start working as a freelance. My desire to create art materializes in parallel with photojournalism, I begin to train as an artist and to create photographic exhibitions.

The first successes with the exhibitions at Biennial of Contemporary Art in Castel S.Angelo in Rome and al Palace of the

Permanent of Milan for the Mondadori Art Award they stimulate me to continue the path I started.

In 2009 the meeting with the photographer Marco Delogu offers me a change of perspective, after the experience of photojournalism and the artistic path started I have a new possibility, to know the advertising photography

01 007 ok About me

Delogu carries out photographic campaigns for large companies nationwide, it is an opportunity to add an important brick to my professional skills. This experience will also be fundamental for my artistic career because in 2010 I realize the most important work for me, "Caravaggio MMX”, Eight photographic and contemporary reinterpretations of the same works by the great painter Caravaggio.

This work will lead me to exhibit in numerous and important places such as Medici Riccardi Palace in Florence and the Luzzetti Collection Museum of Grosseto. 

In 2017 I am called by Venice Civic Museums Foundation to exhibit my "Judith and Holofernes" in the collective "Around Klimt. Judith, heroism and seduction" at Candiani Cultural Center of Mestre

The exhibition revolves around the work of Gustav Klimt, the "Judith II"Coming from International Gallery of Modern Art of Venice. In addition to Klimt's Judith, the exhibition includes works by very important painters including Edvard Munch And Egon Schiele.

09 01 003 ok About meA circle closes, "the child who loved art and admired the paintings of famous artists" has made his dream come true.

Today I live and work as a photographer in Grosseto, I opened a photographic studio dedicated to wedding photography and of portrait and I teach photography atTraining Agency of the Antonio Rosmini State High School.

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