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The flowers I've never loved

Textile print on cotton fleece, nylon threads, paper, fishing hooks.

On the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, Giuseppe Zanoni proposes in the spaces of Clarisse Arte an installation entitled The flowers that I have never loved. Flowers are one of the most common gifts a man can offer to his partner, they represent her beauty. Behind a gift the gravest of faults can be hidden, a gesture of apparent love can hide the most vile violence, consummated within the walls of the house which should be a nest of welcome and comfort. In Zanoni's work the flowers cover a woman's face, we cannot see her gaze deprived of vitality. Now the man, alone, tries to see the woman's face but he can see nothing but the bunch of flowers, the flowers he never loved. The large-format photographs are printed on a semi-transparent cotton veil that moves as the visitor passes. The observer becomes the protagonist of the scene, turning his gaze, remaining indifferent in front of the works as in front of news episodes is not possible. The artist's sign is light but incisive and fully captures the prefixed message, multiplies it thanks also to the expedient of the transparency of the veils that creates a multitude of levels of perception. Under each work there are 100 cards containing a message, a reflection on violence written by the people who will participate in the project. Each message can be collected by the visitor and taken outside the exhibition so that it can be read by other people and propagated in the community. The women represented are not models, actresses, they are ordinary women, each one represents a story: in a society that does not see and hear - or see and hear too late - change must start with every single individual. To highlight the impossibility that women have to free themselves.


Installation at Clarisse Arte in Grosseto

The following collaborated on the project: Antonella Sale, Arianna Ilari, Beatrice Gradassa, Caterina Gaggero, Erika Sabiu, Giada Filaci, Irene Entani, Irene Silvestri, Manuela Tosi, Natalia Cellini, Valeria Gambardella, Giacomo Guidoni, Marina Ceccarini, Antonella Bonaffini and Beatrice Coli.

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