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For some time now, a new trend has been entering the traditional photography market: the premarital photo. Even today, the desire to preserve the memories and emotions experienced through photographs remains strong, so much so that wedding couples are choosing to have a premarital photo shoot. In this article you will find out what it consists of, the benefits you can get from it, and tips for getting your perfect premarital photo!


Also known as pre-wedding or engagement service, the pre-wedding photo shoot consists of a couple photo session taken by a professional, in the days leading up to the wedding. Different from the classic wedding day photos, the pre-wedding shoot with its informal style helps to tell the love story of the newlyweds more spontaneously and naturally, taking us behind the scenes of their most beautiful day.


Here are some advantages that may arise if you do a premarital photo shoot:

  • Creating special memories: Prenuptial photos capture a unique moment in a couple's life, allowing them to preserve meaningful and happy memories of the time leading up to the wedding. These images can be treasured treasures to share with family and friends, and to look back on together in years to come.
  • Familiarity with the photographer: Sharing the pre-wedding moment with the photographer will allow them to become familiar with him, thus creating a bond of trust and intimacy between the parties. Being able to experiment with poses and the camera will help reduce tension and shyness in front of the lens for the couple, giving them confidence for their wedding shots. Adopting an informal and relaxed style also provides an excellent opportunity for both of them to manifest full authenticity and spontaneity in the shots to come.
  • Increased emotional connection: The premarital photo session provides an opportunity for the couple to spend time together and show their love and happiness in a relaxed environment. This can strengthen the emotional bond between the partners and help them feel closer and more connected.
  • Opportunity to experiment with creative ideas: Pre-wedding sessions allow the couple and the photographer to explore creative ideas, locations and poses without the rush and pressure of the wedding day. This gives them the opportunity to get unique and original images that reflect their personality and style.


Finding the right photographer who reflects the couple's style and personality is important, so browse and review online or on paper portfolios and reviews. Only then can you be assured of the quality of the service. Once you have made a shortlist, arrange a meeting to get to know them better and discuss the ideas you have, whether they are feasible or not. Look for a photographer who has strong creativity and artistic vision. Ask about packages for pre-wedding photo sessions, including pricing options, number of photos included, delivery formats, and any extra services offered. Make sure you are clear about the rates and what is included in the package you choose. A good photographer should be willing to provide you with a pre-service consultation to discuss details, ideas, and session planning. This will help you feel more prepared and make the photo session go more smoothly. In the end, rely on your intuition. Choose a photographer with whom you feel comfortable, who can understand your expectations, and who gives you confidence in his or her work.


One of the most important elements will be the location. So think about what is the most evocative place for you, or find the place of your first kiss. You need a place where you can feel free to express yourselves in all your tenderness and intimacy. Also think about what might be the most suitable time to take photos: at sunset if in summer, or on a beautiful autumn morning with a clear sky after the north wind. Last but not least, there is the look to wear. You can get help from the innovative armocromy, and choose the most suitable color according to your palettes, or rely on a personal stylist or make-up artist who can best advise you. In any case, arrange a meeting with the photographer to discuss the ideas, style and details of the photo shoot.


If you want your shots to follow a theme or style, be based on your common interests first. Whether you follow the "romantic" or "vintage" theme, or "natural," be sure to let loose in the most authentic poses or urged by the photographer. It is important to engage the personality of the couple to convey emotion in a shot. You need elements that represent you and your story within the photo. Also indulge in fun shots in which your playfulness and lightheartedness shines through.

Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Romantic picnic: Plan a romantic picnic in a park or flowery field and let the photographer capture playful and intimate moments as you share a meal together.
  2. Aerostatic balloon or hot air balloon: If you have the opportunity to take a trip by balloon or hot air balloon, you can capture amazing shots with breathtaking scenery as a backdrop.
  3. Treasure Hunt: Organize a romantic treasure hunt in a place meaningful to you, where you can discover special objects or messages while the photographer captures your excitement and happiness.
  4. Water session: A photo session in the water can be fun and evocative. You might choose to take photos at the beach, pool, or even at a lake or river.
  5. City walk: Explore your city or a fascinating neighborhood while the photographer captures spontaneous moments as you walk together.
  6. Night session: If you want something different, try a night photo session with decorative lights or stars as a background.
  7. Retro theme: Vote for a retro theme, inspired by a bygone era, and wear clothes and accessories that recall the style of the era.
  8. Artistic expressions: Explore art forms such as painting, drawing or sculpture together, and capture each other as you interpret a work of art together.
  9. Custom chalkboard or sign: Create a personalized chalkboard or sign with phrases or dates special to you, and have your picture taken with it.
  10. Amusement park: A photo session at an amusement park can add a playful touch to your photos.
  11. Breathtaking natural scenery: Plan the session in a natural landscape such as a waterfall, forest or mountain to get picturesque and romantic photos.
  12. Film theme: Take inspiration from your favorite movies or TV series and recreate romantic or funny scenes.


When you are under the lens light, don't pay too much attention to it. Don't be distracted by the "click & flash" of the camera. Keep yourself present, hand in hand with each other, eyes to eyes. Get carried away by the moment, think about the beauty of this particular intimacy, and be yourself. If you think it might be appropriate, involve your family, or your pets. They will help you get comfortable more easily. Only then can you enjoy the experience and convey the authenticity that is necessary for successful photos.


After making a selection of the shots, here are some tips for using them:

  • Announcement of the upcoming wedding: Photos can be used to create wedding invitations or to announce the upcoming wedding to family and friends.
  • Creating special memories: Photos are a way to capture the couple's happy moments before the wedding and create memories that will last forever. You can make frames to decorate your home or print special Fine Art prints to keep on view on your living room table.
  • Wedding decoration: Photos can be used to decorate the wedding venue or to create a special photo album to show guests.
  • You can share them on social media: Create content to show to your friends and family that can help other bride and groom-to-be like you make the right choices.

As you can see, the benefits of a pre-wedding photo shoot are many: gaining greater emotional awareness, finding pleasure and enjoyment even in a tense moment, getting unforgettable photos in a place you've dreamed of forever, preserving the memory and maybe even the gift of that moment so important to you.

Tip: The secret to a successful pre-wedding photo session is to be authentic and relaxed, have fun and show the love and connection you have as a couple. The ideas listed above can serve as inspiration, but the important thing is to choose an idea that reflects your personality and interests as a couple.

Try a pre-wedding photo shoot too, you will be more than satisfied with the authentic memories that will have been created so much that you will want to keep them forever.

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