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Probably, if someone asked me, "What is your desire when you capture theessence of a wedding through photography?" The answer would arise instinctively: my deepest desire is to create an image that is not only unique and unrepeatable, but also capable of touch the heart.

Looking through the lens is like revealing the soul of a moment, turning it into a work of art imbued with emotion. But on works of art we enter a different area of conversation, a terrain that, perhaps, I will explore in a future dedicated post.

The photo I am presenting embodies, in my opinion, all the characteristics I mentioned. L'entrance of the bride into the church is a moment imbued with intensity and particularity, but here it is even more extraordinary: the bride walks alone. The reason for this choice is unknown, but her emotionality manifests itself when she approaches her mother for an affectionate greeting, the maternal cry revealing a wave of overwhelming emotions.

Yet, during the shooting, a detail escapes my gaze, a detail that is revealed only in the review phase of the shots. A tear descends from the bride's face, travels down the path to the tip of his nose and, in a delicate backlight, reveals himself to my eye.

wedding emotion tuscany01 A LACRAMENTO OF EMOTIONS

Blow Up", the masterpiece of Michelangelo Antonioni, told of the emergence of small details that escape the photographer's gaze during the shooting, becoming protagonists only later. This detail, which I call the "hundredth part of the photograph" (often larger than a simple tear drop), is crucial. Sometimes it characterizes and defines the narrative in a shot, other times it transforms it from ordinary to exceptional. It is that fragment that, if missing, makes all the difference.

This is what I try to capture in a wedding photo shoot. This is what I hope happens every time: the magic of emotions.

Because emotions do not just lick the skin, they are transmitted, vibrate and merge with the souls of others.

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